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Financial Systems Company (FSC) achieves the company's mission and vision using environmentally and socially responsible and ethical means. As part of an FSC community it contributes by complying with all local regulations and taxes, treating our employees, their families and suppliers fairly, ethically and in accordance with the highest social standards. We want to minimize our impact on the environment where possible and contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of the community in which we operate.

Purpose and Scope

Financial Systems Company S.A.S. is based on the business provisions, laws, guidelines, policies, guidelines, standards and procedures adopted in order to ensure and maintain transparency, effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of corporate activities that apply to all managers and officers of the organization.

FSC Family

Grupo Empresarial Financial Systems Company S.A.S. is made up of three offices that enjoy the highest level of recognition in the market, for their solidity, tradition, for their strict adherence to the legislation that is applicable to each company, which at the same time are identified as creative, flexible and innovative allowing to focus the functions and the strategic and social objectives of the business applied to consulting in the process of collections, analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance of collections software and recoveries.
Our offices generate value for our customers and shareholders, and therefore seek to modernize processes together to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in the activities. The head office is located in Chía, Cundinamarca - Colombia, with offices in Chile and Peru.

Social Responsibility As Part of the FSC Strategy

It is immersed in our Quality and Safety Management System, in the performance of our processes and in the development of our projects, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and we promote actions permanently to promote the generation of social, economic and environmental value.
Our Service As Part of Our Social Responsibility
We are part of the companies in the IT sector that generates sustainable and sustainable solutions for clients in the financial sector, contributing to quality, efficiency and prosperity in their operations.

Environmental Responsibility

We focus the provision of our services contemplating measures to preserve the environment, such as the reduction of paper consumption in our internal operations and with interested third parties, optimizing the use of our equipment and controlling energy consumption; providing our work team with practical options for access to facilities that contribute to improving vehicle pollution levels.

Transparent Relationships

In its relationship with the community and stakeholders, FSC always provides complete, timely and reliable information and establishes permanent two-way communication, fostering understanding and mutual benefit with its stakeholders.
Within the Company we promote respectful relationships and generate channels of communication that guarantee the understanding and dignified life of our work team.

Measurement of CSR Management

We have information on periodic performance results where you can measure and evaluate the results of the actions undertaken that account for the management of FSC in Corporate Social Responsibility.