Software de cobranzas

Boost your debt collections results with iCS

An all-in-one collection solution that includes the administration and management of all traditional channels (telephone, visits, collection companies and lawyers), easy to use and quick to install with a modern user experience, state-of-the-art platform built for rapid innovation.

Immediate access to new functionalities and innovative features thanks to continuous agile development

Allows companies to be more agile and provide a better customer experience

Provides real-time information with interactive, dynamic dashboards for fast, informed decisions

Fast TIME TO MARKET - Up and running in a few months

Modern, intuitive interface decreases administration burden and reduces training time

Empower agents to work from anywhere using Responsive Design technology

Functionalities under rigorous standards of Quality and Computer Security.

All-In-One Solution minimizes the number of suppliers and complexity.

iCS software allows you to contact your customers for an exceptional customer service experience

Whether you want to improve your recovery rates, accelerate the collection process, automate and optimize resources in your debt collection process or improve your strategies.

FSC has a solution to help you 

Over 20 years of experience in debt collections platforms proves it.