iCS, Innovation and Technology for Debt Collection.

Get to know Internet Collection System (iCS), our highly innovative and flexible collection system.

Financial Systems Company provides 2 innovative products to maximize your debt collection results:


For companies that prefer traditional onsite licensing.

iCS Enterprise

For companies that prefer the cloud with data independence and higher levels of security.

iCS Express

Collect your customers efficiently with a 360 degree view.

Collect your portfolio efficiently maintaining customer satisfaction, using the most appropriate method based on your customer’s behavior. Improve your collection indicators with integrated analytics. We have over 22 years of experience obtained in 3 continents.

  • Inteligencia del Negocio


  • Generación de indicadores

    Bi and reporting.

  • Gestión de procesos jurídicos

    Legal recoveries.

  • Integración con todos los canales de cobro

    All collections channels.

  • Versatilidad y adaptabilidad

    Multilingual currency, company, time zone.

  • Liquidación de incentivos de gestión

    Collections incentives

  • Geo referenciación y Geo Localización

    Geo localization and referenciation.

  • Varias instancias del nmegocio

    Negotiation module.

  • Correspondencia SMS y Email

    Correspondence, SMS and Email

  • iCS Mobile

    iCS Mobile.

Certifications and Standards

ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27000:2013

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